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Leadership in motion is a series of learning courses that focus on the tools and principles of leadership. In a world that is always moving and changing, we need leaders who are able to listen, speak, think, decide and effect change on multiple platforms.

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Management in Motion is a series of learning courses that look at the key principles to successfully challenge and motivate people to achieve desired goals. These courses allow managers to recognize their style, understand their teams style and build a culture of respect and teamwork to accomplish goals. 

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Sales in Motion is a series of courses that are based on communication skills, product presentations and key selling principles. Unlike most "sales" courses, this comprehensive program integrates the entire flow of the sale into a unique zone  process  that gives the salesperson the opportunity to be themselves and stay within the sales process.

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Communications in Motion is a set of courses designed using strategies and formulas to develop and build effective relationships with people. Most people don't think about their communication strategy before they engage in a conversation. Whether we are engaged in a one to one conversation or with a group, how we present our message, uncover objections and seek to gain consensus is only as good as our communication skills.


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DiSC – Peak Performance

A friend of ours once said: "The world would be great if there weren't so many people and personalities!"

The world is great because we have so many people and personalities. That is why we became authorized partners with Wiley. 

We offer a suite of Everything DiSC training solutions.
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Conflict Resolution in Motion

Conflict Resolution in Motion is a set of courses designed to catch and resolve conflict before it corrupts your team. Most people do not like conflict and do not know how to handle conflict situations when they occur.  That is why these learning courses cover a range of skills  from uncovering the “why” behind the conflict to giving constructive feedback.